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imbalance computer music | ML 008 | 2001

12 inch

First 1000 pressings in clear vinyl

Second edition with new label print 2007

T. Fellsrow says:"...the perfect soundtrack for empty office buildings. lots of glass and metal in elegant artificial coldness and impressive volumes of concrete. look up and see the blue sky reflecting in endless window rows. Beat as architecture of time, chords like a flow of air and a sound design which makes the most out of the least. While the beat programming of bicom and remoteable is pretty straight forward, cut is a fascinating excursion into the science of broken beats without loosing a reliable inner goove. "

Bicom has been licenced for a CSI Miami episode.
Created by Robert Henke with T++ at Studio Neues Deutschland

ABicom 33 rpm 9:52mp3 excerpt
B1Remoteable 33 rpm 5:39mp3 excerpt
B2Cut 33 rpm 4:52mp3 excerpt

*** distributed by Hardwax ***