Monolake - Cinemascope

Monolake - Cinemascop album cover

2001 | imbalance | ML 009

1 Bicom [listen]
2 Cubicle [listen]
3 Ping [listen]
4 Ionized [listen]
5 Remoteable [listen]
6 Television Tower [listen]
7 Cut [listen]
8 Alpenrausch [listen]
9 Indigo [listen]

Produced by Robert Henke. Additional production by T++ and Gerhard Behles. Recorded at Studio HDL 911 and Studio Neues Deutschland.

Formats: digital, CD

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Monolake - Cinemascope album cover back

All samples on Alpenrausch derived from MIGROS commercials. Alpenrausch is a comissioned work for MIGROS Kulturprozent, Switzerland.

Bicom has been used as background music for a CSI Miami scene, and a transformed version of Indigo became the music for an installation.

Photos of crossing in Shanghai by Frauke Kaven. Design by Verena Gerlach.