Monolake - Hongkong

In 1996 Gerhard Behles and I went to Hong Kong to attend the International Computer Music Conference. I took the chance to capture field recordings in and around the city and in Guangzhou.

Monolake - Hongkong album cover

1997 | chain reaction | CRD-04
2008 | imbalance | ML 008
2022 | field records | Field35

1 Cyan 12:04
2 Index 10:21
3 Lantau 12:57
4 Macau 9:35
5 Arte 9:14
6 Occam 7:39
7 Mass Transit Railway 7:32

Produced 1995-1997 by Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke.

For the compilation of our first vinyl releases to a CD album in 1997, we not only chose the title Hongkong, but also refined the original songs with material derived from the field recordings I made.

We added a previously unreleased closing piece that is based on a recording captured in a subway train of Hong Kong's public transport, the 'Mass Transit Railway'. This piece also features a synthesiser solo by Wieland Samolak.

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Monolake - Hongkong CD


chain reaction, CD, 1997

Hongkong Remastered
imbalance, CD, 2008

Field Records, double vinyl, 2022

Note: the sound of the version from 2008 is not as good as the original. The best version is the one available via Field Records.

Monolake - Hongkong

Hongkong contains music previously released on vinyl:

CR-04 Cyan
CR-11 Index
CR-15 Lantau Macao
din-ml-01 Occam Arte

Monolake - Hongkong

Equipment used in 1997:

SCI Prophet VS, Yamaha SY77, Yamaha TG-77, Ensoniq ASR-10, Alesis Quadraverb, Lexicon PCM 80, Speck Filterbank, Roland Juno-6, Waldorf Microwave, Boss RSD-10 delay, Notator on Atari 1040, Max on Macintosh 128k, PX18 step sequencer written in Max by Robert Henke.