Monolake - Hongkong : Singles

The Hongkong album has been compiled from a series of 12" vinyl releases.

Monolake - Hongkong CD


1995 | chain reaction | CR-04

Side A: Cyan I
Side B: Cyan II

Cyan II is not included in the album.

Produced by Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke.

Monolake - Magenta


1996 | chain reaction | CR-08

Side A: Magenta I
Side B: Magenta II

A strange release, but we had fun doing it. The Prophet VS was new, the weed was fine, and who cares if a bassdrum is panned fully left. There are a lot of things going on in these two tracks, but certainly nothing one could call a groove.

We decided to not include the tracks on the Hongkong album.

Helical Scan - Index

Helical Scan - Index

Helical Scan - Index

1996 | chain reaction | CR-11
2008 | imbalance | ML-022

Side A: Index I
Side B: Index II

Helical Scan was a Robert Henke solo project, but we decided to inculde Index I in the Hongkong album.

Second photo shows 2008 re-release. The version of Index II on this record is quite different from the 1995 one. It should be Index III perhaps...

Helical Scan - Index

Monolake - Lantau Macao

1997 | chain reaction | CR-15

Side A: Lantau
Side B: Macao

The two tracks are edits from the very first Monolake live performance, at a club called 'Friseur der Botschaft' in Berlin, July 27, 1996.

Monolake - Occam Arte

Monolake - Occam Arte

1997 | din-ml | din-ml-01

Side A: Occam
Side B: Arte

Occam was recorded live during the first Monolake tour, on December 28, 1996, in Luzern, Switzerland.