I am very proud to announce a special guest here to celebrate the first Free Track of the Month in 2009; the occasional Monolake collaborator, great source of inspiration and acomplished sound and groove designer Torsten Proefrock aka T++. This track is exclusively available here and unreleased. Enjoy!.

Therefore_Version_5.mp3 7:12

T++ not only releases his beautiful own compositions, or creates crafted and deep remixes for artists like Shackleton, he also performs live.

And for 2009 we both plan to do shows together to provide you with the most possible audio-visual impact possible.

Watch out for T++ Live plus Monolake Live plus visual support!

Booking contact: Heike Fetzer
L I C E N S E _ T E R M S :

Things you can do with the free track:
- download it and listen to it
- copy it to any media you need in order to listen to it

Things we do not want you to do:
- do not upload to p2p servers
- do not distribute the track
- do not link the mp3 file directly
Everyone who wants it is invited to download it from this page.

If you disagree do not download.

Enjoy the music
Robert Henke