Robert Henke

L U M I E R E - I I I

July 22 IT Trontano Lumière III Nextones [link] - OPEN AIR
August 03 NL Amsterdam Lumière III Dekmantel [link]
August 24 CA Montrèal Lumière III MUTEK [link]
October 4 IT Rome Lumière III RomaEuropa [link]

M O N O L A K E - L I V E - S U R R O U N D

July 01 TH Bangkok Monolake VLSI Surround EESE [link] - POSTPONED
August 26 CA Montrèal Monolake VLSI Surround MUTEK [link]


June 02 DE Hannover Dust Literarischer Salon [link]

120 meters of thin fabric are suspended from the ceiling to form a curved curtain. Four lasers in the corners of the room project lines onto it. The curtain's shape has been calculated using the mathematical principle of spline interpolation. More ...


In-depth interview with Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke about Ableton. More ...

M O N O L A K E : V L S I

Monolake's 2016 album V L S I is sonic archeology. Tiny artefacts of early digital instruments have been carefully excavated and brought to new light. What was once perceived as limitation and dirt can now be experienced as character, colour and patina. The interaction with these machines guided a minimalist and structural approach to sound and rhythm, expanded and re-contextualised into a futuristic soundtrack, utilising the recording technology of today. The result is inspired by early techno, UK breakbeat and dubstep, african dance rhythms, future glitch, ambient and a variety of amazing academic computer music. More...


Fall installation: Centred in the room is a wide cubic structure, suspended from the ceiling, consisting of 180 squares of thin fabric. The distribution of the squares has been chosen via a random algorithm. Lasers draw fluctuating and ephemeral shapes of light above the heads of the visitors, illuminating the structure and the walls behind it, floating through it like water. The light touches the object, plays with its geometry, making its fragmentary nature even more evident. Vivid colours are contrasted with pure white, bright narrow beams with near darkness. Strict geometry is paired with perfect curvatures, fast motion with nearly frozen states. More...

F R A G I L E - T E R R I T O R I E S

Fragile Territories, laser installation ( 2012, revised version 2016 ) Powerful white laser beams draw a floating object on a wall, slowly evolving shapes, edges and curves of shimmering, pulsating light. Sometimes the shapes are barely visible, sometimes they explode into extreme brightness, controlled by a constantly morphing algorithm. Sounds - transformed recordings of a low piano keys and tiny high pitched mechanical noises - fill the room, partially in sync with the visual aspects and partially departing from there. More...

D E S T R U C T I V E - O B S E R V A T I O N - F I E L D

Destructive Oberservation Field, laser installation ( 2014 ). Super powerful multicolor laser heats up black sheet of plastic, which starts to melt and erode. The reflection of the light from it is stunningly beatiful and highly unpredictable. The process responsible for the creation of the image also destroys it, the plastic becomes blurry and blind after a while. More...

D E E P - W E B

Deep Web is a performative installation by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke using 12 high precision lasers and a matrix of 175 moving balloons to create a dramatic three dimensional sculpture floating in space above the audience. The choreography is synced to a musical score played back in 8 channel surround sound. More...

Dec 08 - 10 FR Lyon Deep Web Fete des Lumieres [link]