Noise Patterns

The images of the Noise Pattern series are created using variants of classic 2D random generators: A unique sequence of randomly generated numbers ('noise table') is mapped out to form warped surfaces, textured terrains and clouds of pixels. The process of creation involves the development of the algorithms and tuning them until something beautiful emerges. The outcome often radically evolves during the process, in a dialogue between the rigid code, the unpredictable noise and the parameter settings, reflecting the aesthetic preferences of the creator. Once interesting shapes emerge, the program can run using different sets of noise tables until one or several 'good' unique manifestations are extracted. As is typical with computer generated art, creating endless variants is easy once the code has been written, and what matters is the curation, the careful process of selection.

Results considered good are rendered in high resolution and their code, parameters and noise tables are archived for future re-creation or further modification into something new.

The Noise Patters series started as a side result of working on laser graphics algorithms in spring 2022. The code is written in Max/MSP but does not use any existing libraries or stock generators. It could be easily ported to run in any other programming environment.

The aesthetics owes a lot to the early computer graphics pioneers, who made the most out of limited resources.

Price varies per work, based on totally subjective criteria and on observing the potential market value. Prices may change over time. Price is always per print, excluding tax, shipping and insurance. All prints are made with an Epson SureColor P9560 printer on 305g Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper. Lamination and custom painted wood framing with museum quality UV 70 protection glass available upon request. Printed works can be scrutinised in person in Berlin before buying. Local pickup welcome, coffee or tea included.