Infinite steady states: Most of these works are constructed by using algorithmic or stochastic processes in realtime to create never repeating, constantly changing experiences.

2017 Spline

laser installation

-work in progress-

2016 8032 Series

computer graphics and sound using outdated technology

-work in progress-

2016 Fall

laser installation

2016 Deep Web - Installation Version

Kinetic Audiovisual Laser Performance by Robert Henke and Christopher Bauder.

Werk III installation
2015 Werk III

for laser, fog and sound [site specific]

2014 Landscape

series of processed photographs, limited edition Lambda prints.


2014 Destructive Observation Field

multicolor laser projection [Press kit ] [Requests]

2014 Ritual

generative sound installation


2013 The Machine

a collaborative installation project of Robert Henke and students at the the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University

2013 Works for Wave Field Synthesis

several more installation-like pieces for the Berlin University of Arts WFS system. Created by Robert Henke and students of the Sound Studies class.


2012 Fragile Territories

Laser installation

Eternal Darkness
2012 Eternal Darkness

Site specific sound installation for the Great Water Reservoir, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

2011 Fundamental Forces

Ultra high definition video and multichannel audio, collaborative work with Tarik Barri

2010 Transition Machine

Multiple dismantled computer displays and multichannel sound

Robert Henke Traffic
2010 Traffic

Three channel ideo installation

2009 Lufthansa

sound design / engine for flight simulator

Installation is running permanently at Lufthansa Brand Academy, Bad Seeheim.

2007 Cyclone

Interactive sound installation

2007 Linear Grid

Interactive networked sound installation

2004 Atlantic Wave Terminals

Interactive network audiovisual installation